Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Peshitta 1886 In PDF

The Peshitta Bible This is the Peshitta of 1886. It contains the New Testament. Please be advised, that with all ancient texts, one must be careful and view it together…

Syriac Bible (1893) In PDF

The Syriac Bible This is the Syriac Bible. It contains the Old and the New Testaments. It was published by the Mission of Bablyon. Please be advised, that with all…

The Peshito-Syriac Bible (1889) in PDF

The Peshito-Syriac Bible This is the Peshito-Syriac Bible, it also contains the Received Greek Texts of Hebrews, James, 1 Peter and 1 John. It was translated by William Norton. Please…

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