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Our mission is to provide as many original editions of the Holy Bible as possible.

Some may think “why is this important?” Well, the simple answer is that, over time, editions of Bibles are changing. Editors find “mistakes” and then publish a new editon. This is a common issue with most of the Bibles that we own/buy each year.

We believe that having a Bible, that we can TRUST, has much value. Even a simple spelling or punctuation change can make a great difference.

So, the honest and fair solution is to provide as many historical editions of the Holy Bible as possible. The READER then has the ability to decide for him/herself what is the HONEST/TRUE translation/edition of the Bible.

To do this takes an enormous amount of time, effort and resources.

There are countless other Bible editions that need to be given to the world.

We really do need your help!

Instead of donating a dime, tell a friend or two! Just in the US there are about 300 million Christians – we would be happy to provide a Bible to even 1% of them for free!

We are doing this for you – the citizens of the world!

24 thoughts on “Help Us!

  1. I have the links to photo copies of all of Erasmus’s publications of the New Testament. In case you didn’t know he was the first to publish the Ancient Greek New Testament and judging by the titles of the books I would guess that he’s the one who came up with the term “New Testament”. He used Latin instead of English, the versions that have Ancient Greek text were published in 1516, 1519, and 1527 and the rest are entirely in Latin.

    The digitized books are in pdf form and displayed nicely on my cellphone. (I found links for every publication, except for the one in the year 1519, by going to but since it’s in German you might want a google translation, for that go to

    March 1, 1516
    Novum Instrumentum omne (The English translation is, Every New Instrument) [The google translator left the first letters in words “New Instrument” in lower case but I changed that]

    Novum Testamentum omne (The English translation is, Every New Testament) [There was trouble with the google translator and I had to move the word “omne” to the start of the title to get it to work.] (this one has a picture of Erasmus just underneath the cover) (This one has historical information written in english added to it on the pages just before the start of the book. But downloading it might not be easy because the website is in German and it requires you to confirm your understanding of the terms and conditions then enter the auterization code your given before you download the document)

    Novum Testamentum omne (The English translation is, Every New Testament) [There was trouble with the google translator and I had to move the word “omne” to the start of the title to get it to work.]

    1527 (Both books belong to the same link)
    en Novum Testamentum ex Erasmi Roterodami (The English translation is, See the New Testament from Erasmus) [The google translator translated the word “en” to “Behold” but I changed it to see.]

    in Annotationes Novi Testamenti (The English translation is, Notes on the New Testament)

    Novi Testamenti aeditio postrema (The English translation is, New Testament awaited final. It probably means, The much awaited final revision of the New Testament.) [There was trouble with the google translator and I had to remove the “e” in the word “aeditio” for it to translate it. After studying I determined it was mispelled]

  2. I’m sure you read my comments that I posted to the 1522 edition Erasmus’s work, I just wanted to post that another link I have here incase someone reading this comment wants to download the E-books from the sources I provided.

    I found a better copy of Erasmus’s 1522 edition at and I found that link on the webpage at

    Even though I don’t know how to read Latin I might guess that the E-book at the first of the two addresses I provided just now is ment to acompany the one at the address provided for Erasmus’s 1522 edition in my previous comment, like the how the two books provided at the address I listed for Erasmus’s 1527 edition accompany each other.

    I had trouble recognizing some of the symboles used in the Greek Erasmus published so I posted a question online and got the following answer.

    You mean the ligatures? Medieval scribes and early printers had a lot of weird ways of combining letters into squiggles that aren’t used anymore. This might help…

    The link is to a large piece of a book made into an E-book that describes the strange symbols I mentioned. If you want to thank the person who posted this answer all you need to do is go to;_ylt=AsgNOwcLLn8kRpMP3x2kskrM_Nw4?qid=20150110212359AAa9L1X and use a registered Yahoo account to do so.

  3. Thanks again. We have updated the site to add a further two Bibles to ensure the above. A further 2nd and 3rd edition.

  4. Greetings,I came across your website by simply researching the word “Masoretic” in my browser.  What a diamond of a find, I thought.  However, I been having a dreadful time trying to download your free text, and I do have adobe 9 on my laptop???  each book viewed only has pg 1 of 1 with no futher pages.  “What am I doing incorrectly?…..HELP.Renee 

    • I had the same problem with my Android phone, and posted the question in their “Contact Us” section. You might want to check there if your’s isn’t answered. But if you would rather not wait I do have some suggestions and advise.

      You should search the internet only using the authors name (only their last or first name if unsuccessful) and the year of publication (if not otherwise stated this is usually the posted year on any text). It’s also helpful to search using only the book title and the publication year.
      A website that allways offers downloads for their books (and has copies of a lot of antiques) is so you chould keep your eye out for any address with in it and if you get too many false leads add .pdf to your search since most scanned books are in pdf format.
      Some useful and apparently universal symbols to use in searching are ” and – each of these modifys the way a search engine works. If you put a ” at each end of a section of text in a search engine it will be sure to only provide results that include that section of text exactly as you entered it and if you put a – in front of any word or section of text with a ” before and after it (just make sure that there isn’t a space after the -) into a search engine, that word or section of text will not appear in any your search results.

    • I got a reply and it looks like you’ll have to gamble your time on a search engine.

      A long time back we decided that we would split each Bible into a page at a time so as to reduce bandwidth and to ensure that viewers do not have to wait for 500MB to download before they can see the pages. So, the answer is downloads are not really possible – in certain situations special requests for one Bible may be considered but it does take a lot of time and effort to ensure that such is done.

  5. I have some more books to recomend, the first one is the best one I’ve ever seen for teaching the environmental and cultural differences that were present in land and times written about in the Bible. The rest of them are bible helps as well.

    Hand-Book of Bible Manners and Customs (By, Rev. James M. Freeman, A. M.) (1875):

    Manners and Customs of Biblical Lands (By, Fred Wight) (January 28, 1953):

    Strange Scriptures That Perplex The Western Mind (By, Barbara M. Brown) (1944):

    Palestine and The Bible (By, Rev. Samuel Schor, A Native of Jerusalem) (19XX):
    This last one I’m the most doubtful of because of some confusion I had when reading about pillows in the second paragraph of page 37 (38 according to an E-book reader) In the King James version the verses don’t make sence to me, especially when considering what was said in this book. In the New King James version it dosn’t mention pillows at all, saying instead magic charms, and it still dosn’t make sence to me because even if the magic charms were pillows them being sewn onto arm holes they probably weren’t for sleeping on.

  6. I forgot to mention another book that looks like verry promising to me.

    Bible lands (By, Rev. Henry J. Van-Lennep, D.D.) (1875)
    The only down side I’ve found so far (which has kept me from continuing to read it untill I get a virtual globe installed on my recently working computer) is that the book mentiones details and areas not show on it’s enclosed maps.

    • Hi! Thanks – we should add most of them ASAP – some of them we cannot (due to copyright laws – the books published after 1926 unless we can get permission).

      • I have the contact information for the website I downloaded Manners and Customs of Biblical Lands (By, Fred Wight) (January 28, 1953):
        [] from. If you havn’t please try to get permission to put this book on your website. It was the first of it’s kind that I read and I found it verry useful.

        Sola Scriptura Ministries – Dr. J. D. Watson – PO Box 235 – Meeker, CO 81641
        (970) 878-3228 – (970) 618-8375 (Cell)

        Personal e-mail:

        Sola Scriptura Ministries:

  7. I found something I haven’t seen on your website. A “scanned copy” [facsimile] of the Washington manuscript.

    Please don’t be diswaded by the introdutary material, it does contain pictures of the pages. You may download it or view it at

  8. I have another e-book for you, It’s the Robinson and Pierpoint Greek New Testament that was copyrighted in 2005 (but don’t worry it gives anyone permission to provide free copies of it, just enter 6 for the page number to go to in the software you use to view it after you download it to read the permissions yourself).

    You may find it at

  9. Since it’s been a while and you haven’t uploaded the e-book I mentioned in my last comment or replied to that comment I thought you could use a reminder.

    My comment was:

    I have another e-book for you, It’s the Robinson and Pierpoint Greek New Testament that was copyrighted in 2005 (but don’t worry it gives anyone permission to provide free copies of it, just enter 6 for the page number to go to in the software you use to view it after you download it to read the permissions yourself). You may find it at https:// KoineGreekNTinByza ntineTextform

  10. Peter John Knight

    The mother of a young lady in my Church can read only Hindi, she requires a small Hindi Bible that she can carry in her bag. Are you able to help please?

  11. I have hi-res digital pdf’s of the Complutensian Polyglot Bible. It of course contains the first printed Greek New Testament, 10 Jan 1514. On 10 July 1517 the Old Testament was printed. Due to a delay of papal permission to publish this could not be accomplished until 1522. The New Testament was two columns, Greek& Latin. The Old Testament was three, the LXX, Hebrew and Latin. The New Testament is significant in that the Greek manuscripts used are independent of the ones used by Erasmus for his New Testament thereby not having the Erasmus induced errors. For example, the Complutensian Greek rightly reads “tree of life” at Rev 22:19 but the Latin panel reads “book of life”.

    How would one upload these to your site?

    • Hi,
      If you upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive etc and provide the link we can download snd then upload to the site.

  12. Thank you, everyone who is helping on this site and helping the site members find more. I will definitely share this site with friends. I just recently came across ‘New Age Bibles’ – I have not read it all, but the realization of all the changes and corruption going on with God’s Word..SHOCKED & SHOOK me … Now, trying to sort it all out, people think I’m a quack for the mere suggestion of it!! … and I’m a nobody – who just scratched the surface of the accusations against the NASB (among others) that I’ve been studying for 20years…. so, I spent a month buying /investigating research on the KJV 1611… and just last night I came across a website that gives legitimate reasons to not trust the KJV….so, my mind is going to implode!!!
    so, thank you…it’s comforting to know there are people out there that care about the ‘trust’ factor that we need to know and understand his ways and what he desires from us…

    Last thought… the Geneva Bible and Patriot’s version reprint has very subtle changes where I looked (Song of Solomon)… I’m not sure what to think of it…I was hoping the Geneva reprints were trustworthy (it would be much easier to not have to transliterated old English)…

    • Hi Kelli,

      We try to provide many versions so people can see reality.

      I think we have a number of Geneva versions. Personally I have not looked into you Song of Solomon comment.But you can viw and check older versions etc.

      We try not to have reprints (unless stated) so as far as I am aware you are getting original scans of Bibles/books from hundreds of years back.

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