American Revised Version Bible 1838 – American Bible Society (New York)

American Revised Version Bible – PDF

The American Revised Version 1838. This is the Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments that has been diligently compared and revised (as quoted in the Bible). This version was for the American Bible Society.

We have added another original Bible to our growing list of Bibles and we hope this is of benefit to you.

1816 – American Bible Society founded, and produces its first Bible, a stereotyped edition, and the first book to bear its imprint; Elias Boudinot, first president of the Continental Congress, becomes the Society’s first president; the ABS became a pioneer of American publishing with innovations such as centralized production, national distribution, steam-powered printing, machine-made paper, and in-house binding. The stated goal of the ABS was “a bible to every household.” By 1820 the Society had ten different sets of stereotype plates able to produce five different types of bibles and New Testaments. By 1830, 300,000 copies of the scripture were being produced yearly. The ABS was also one of the earliest American publishers to sell books already bound, and in keeping with its practice of providing bibles “without note or comment” this practice kept out editorial commentary, ads, the apocrypha, etc., and kept the product simple, and affordable to produce. By the 1860’s ABS book production was one million volumes a year. Note: The New York Bible Society becomes an auxiliary of the American Bible Society in 1816, but declares its independence from the ABS in 1913. (Source:

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