Books of the Old and New Testaments Proved to be Canonical 1823 PDF

The Books of the Old and New Testaments Proved to be Canonical 1832 PDF

This book’s purpose is stated as follows:

Tim Canon and Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures
are subjects of the highest importance to
every Christian. The Divine Books contain
the only information with respect to the salvation
of sinners; and the duties, privileges,
and hopes of the heirs of heaven. All that can
be known of the mind of God, and of the future
state of man, must be learned from them.
The theories of men with respect to the things
of God, and all reasonings respecting revealed
subjects, grounded on any other foundation
but the Divine declarations, are not only fallacious
as far as concerns their immediate
objects, but prevent an accurate acquaintance
with the ways of God, by opening innumerable
devious paths, which deceitfully promise
to lead to heavenly knowledge.

Please be advised, that with all ancient texts, one must be careful and view it together with other editions/reprints (in case some text is lost or unreadable due to age etcetera). However, this does not reduce the pleasure of reading the original and ancient texts!

Please also be advised, that to ensure speedy download and reading, the Bible/book has been embedded (as Adobe pdf) – whilst it is downloading you will see a progress bar. However, before the download completes, if you scroll up or down, during this time, the page WILL look a bit weird. Wait till it downloads and all will be OK.

The Original Bible or book is below:

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Index of the book (please forgive any unreadable bits: this index is computer generated from ancient texts):

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