Can’t See The Book!

We have now moved to Adobe Acrobat “pdf” for most books. So, it should be much simpler. If it does not work please download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please get it from here (it is free, quick and used by millions): After installing Adobe Reader, please then reload the Bible/book page and it should be visable.

Or, if you are using an Android/Apple tablet/mobile then please click the “Read on Android/Apple (or no PDF)” button on the page of the Bible/book and you should be able to view it. See the image below:





If you are still having problems, send us an email at:




If you are using Firefox on a PC, and the PDF view is not great, and you have installed the Adobe PDF software, then the Firefox PDF viewer is overridding the Adobe PDF software. You can disable it by:
1. type about:config in the address bar
2. Click I’ll be careful
3. Type pdfjs in ths search box
4. Click on pdfjs.diabled (it should then say true next to it).
5. Restart Firefox and all should work well.
6. If not, then at this point install the Adobe PDF software as mentioned above.

4 thoughts on “Can’t See The Book!

  1. Igor Ozhyganov Sr

    Could you please provide (whenever it may open up) a full colour PDF for the originals of Great Bible, John Rogers (Thomas Matthew) Bible & Richard Taverner Bible? For sometimes, you know, the Bible study business takes a lot of search starting from the oldest possible sources… Yes, I read the scans of those Books, every time thinking they are worthy of a better quality.
    Up to now my only (free) alternative is Internet Archive American Libraries. The Sword Project offers only modern versions. Others may help by reading online which requires continuous Internet access I’m a bit restricted to.
    I do appreciate your Ministry.
    GOD bless you.

  2. HI,

    Unfortunately we do not have a full colour version of the Bible you request.

    The version we have can be downloaded here:

    Best wishes.

  3. Lorina Sue Malone

    Can you provide a download of the Geneva Bible 1560? It’s not available in e-sword software and I’d like to download it.

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