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  1. Shalom, Please let me know how to receive an aramaic printed bible with english transliteration.  What is the different between the modern hebrew and old hebrew (time of Abraham and Moses)? How can I learn hebrew free through online the most effective way or method?Thank you.Oommen Philip

  2. Hi!We have added some Aramaic Old and New Testament Bibles and books here: should update it with even more Aramaic Bibles and Books in the near future.There are a number of differences between classical and modern Hebrew. However, if you study classical Hebrew you should have no problem understanding modern hebrew.To learn Biblical Hebrew you might want to start here:

  3. Regarding the comments on the PCE KJV with the capitalization of spirit. The 1611 original in I John 5:8 capitalizes Spirit, Water and Blood.  Other KJV editions have lower case spirit, water,and blood.  What is desired is consistency.  Only capitalizing spirit in I Jn 5:8 conveys the impression that it is a proper noun and refers to the Spirit in I Jn 5:6.  Hope this helps.  

  4. Regarding the comments on the PCE KJV with the capitalization of spirit. The 1611 original in I John 5:8 capitalizes Spirit, Water and Blood.  Other KJV editions have lower case spirit, water,and blood.  What is desired is consistency.  Only capitalizing spirit in I Jn 5:8 conveys the impression that it is a proper noun and refers to the Spirit in I Jn 5:6.  Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Tom, Would you happen to have a link to a scanned version of your PCE that is pre 1926? I am still to find such as an original. There are a few modern versions but….

  6. joseph monlouis

    Dear  Sir how can i buy a copy of the 1611 Edition KJV Original print thank you

  7. Hi, new printed copies are available from a number of places on the internet – a google search should assist. Original print versions are either in museums or in private collections. Alternatively, feel free to print from our PDFs or images to make your own!

  8. How do I download the entire book in a PDF. I’m using an Android phone and it dosn’t seem possible.

  9. A long time back we decided that we would split each Bible into a page at a time so as to reduce bandwidth and to ensure that viewers do not have to wait for 500MB to download before they can see the pages. So, the answer is downloads are not really possible – in certain situations special requests for one Bible may be considered but it does take a lot of time and effort to ensure that such is done.

  10. I just wanted to ask you to put any links you used to download a book to host on your website to the webpage you hosted it on. You could add a disclaimer above it.

    Big fan of your website, I make it a point to recommend it to anyone who might be interested.

  11. Linda L.H. Smith

    I have a “Bagster’s Polyglot Bible” London”Samuel Bagster and Sons, Limited, 15 Paternoster row Holy Bible.

    It was gifted to Mabel P. Preutiss from her Papa for Christmas 1889. She was a Christian Scientist living in Tomah, Wisconsin. She later became Mrs. Mabel P. Sparling of 387 S. 17th Street.

    The Bible pages are yellowed but in excellent condition. Not dog eared pages or markings other than the inscription on the front two pages. The cover is leather with some wear to the edges. Would you be interested in buying this book?

  12. Frequently we get offered a Bible to buy or a request to sell!!!

    I have spent years of my life to provide original Bibles to the world in the hope that it does help them!!! With much pain I have worked around the world to provide such for free to people that want to read the word of God! I have not asked for a cent nor have I had advertising on this site! I have worked multiple jobs to pay the bills…. Do not try to sell the word of God on this site!!!

  13. Somebody posted after me, so I just wanted to post again to make sure you got the message (since you didn’t reply)


    I just wanted to ask you to put any links you used to download a book to host on your website to the webpage you hosted it on. You could add a disclaimer above it.

    P.S. Big fan of your website, I make it a point to recommend it to anyone who might be interested.

  14. Hi,

    Sources of Bibles/books is a nice idea, but we do not save such data due to various reasons. To go backwards to provide such is a tens/hundreds of hours task that we cannot allocate the time for. We would rather spend the time on providing more Bibles/books.

    However, we would like to provide a download system that ensures no abuse but addresses the need of your source request.

    Any suggestions? The problem is that we are accessed by high speed robots and also normal users that want to download an entire Bible (so they can access it on their local device without the internet). The problem is that a simple desire to read a page then turns to download a full Bible and then to download in advance any and all Bibles/books – this is potentially hundreds to thousands of terrabytes of downloads.

    At present we provide download links to those that really need a download, but we slow such requests so that users do not abuse our free systems.

    I hope you understand that our goal is to help people in the world read the Bible for free. At present it is one page at a time – but we do meet that goal!

    However, if somebody is willing to assist with a Bibliography/links page that has alternative download sources of the Bibles/books on this site we should be happy to add such a page to the menu!

  15. I might have something useful for you, but I’ve been busy with my own projects and don’t have the time to dedicate to maintaning such a webpage.

    What I have is a pdf contaning a list I made of free websites, e-books, and videos to help with learning the environments and cultures of locations referred to in the bible. But I only have my cellphone for internet, so it may be a while before I set up a link for you to download a copy (since I can’t e-mail it to you). You also might want to add links to some of the websites listed in it to your website.

  16. Hi,

    We look forward to it!

  17. If your going to use it to make a webpage I recommend you replace the suggested e-book reading software with STDUViewer (The link for where to download it is Since I havent updated the pdf to recommend that viewer instead yet.

    It might also be helpful to have the odt [Open Text Document] I originally typed the list into since that might allow you to simply copy and paste the text from any of the parts you want while preserving their format.

    The address to download it is dfl.php?id=gdd670ef7fcecb39f 9997229979bd5c6499713d292

  18. Hi,
    Have added the page. Hope it helps many!

  19. What is different about the 1789 KJV Bible as compared to say the 1909 edition? Why would someone prefer to use the 1789 edition rather than the 1909 edition?

  20. Hello–
    I am the editor of a small journal devoted to Bible translations (Bible Review Journal), the publishing arm of the International Society of Bible Collectors ( Just stumbled across your site. I really like it, and I think our readers would access your site. I would like to publicize your site in a future issue of our journal. If you would like to consider this, I would love to hear from you.
    Mike Kuykendall

    • Hi,

      Yes, please feel free to talk about our site. We act like a library where people can access original Bibles.

      We provide this service 100% for free to users and all costs are paid for without donations, advertising etc. i.e. The editor pays for such from his pocket to help.

      We are thinking about expanding to include church sermons and a lot more of the original manuscripts, but all takes time and it is one step at a time! :)

      Best wishes

  21. Yvette Francis


    I have recently learned a lot about King James, and although I have the King James 1611 version, I know its not the original. Also, King James did not have a hand in translating the scrolls, but I know as King he authorised 47 Scholars in translating the original scrolls from Hebrew/Greek language. I also learned that King James had written his reasons in the beginning of the scriptures as to why he wanted the scrolls translated. Can you tell me where I can purchase the original King James bible as it was taken out for a reason.

  22. Hello,

    First of all thank you for your great work. Where can I find a link for the Tyndale English Bible 1551 PDF download?

    Thank you.


  23. Thomas Mathew

    Hi, Could you please help me down load a version of Hindi Bible published before the year 1955 so that I can add study material and publish it for free ( Creative Commons, attribute Share alike). I need study material in English also so that I can translate and add them for free use.

  24. Darrell J. Perry

    I would love to thank you so much for all of Thoughtful & Gracious work…I have been searching all night for a real 1611 Hebrew convert ; lo & behold … God Bless You all–I’ll certainly pass it along as requested… Se y’all soon

  25. Hi, I appreciate the fact that you have original versions of the bible on your site, which is awesome.
    But I am still looking for old and new testament texts in their original language of how they were first written or discovered. I don’t see Paleo Hebrew or Phonecian texts here, And I’m not sure on the Koine Greek as the years marked next to it are by authors centuries after it was written. If possible can someone please tell me the languages of the ORIGINAL texts and where to find them.

    Thank you and God bless you.

    • Yes we would like to have more manuscripts but they are very hard to come by. We have a few books in our Bible Aids section that has history of the Bible etc.

      You have to realize that such ancient manuscripts e.g. Koine (commoner Greek) that you are seeking are in fragments and again fall in the manuscript section.

      The Septuagint LXX is the Old testament in Greek, the Hebrew Bible that we have is the generally accepted version of the Old testament..The New Testament in Greek is also on our site. Any other options you might consider Aramaic etc.

      You might want to start with

  26. I heard that the word “alone” in Genesis 2:18 means “all in one” in the original Hebrew text. If so, could you comfirm this or/and tell me how I can?

  27. I heard that the word “alone” in Genesis 2:18 means “all in one” in the original Hebrew Text.
    Could someone tell me how to confirm this?

  28. The Greek Erasmus New Testament as well as the Novum Instrumentum Omne 1516 by Desiderius Erasmus on shos and download as having one page, the cover of the book. Is this correct?

  29. A million thanks for making these ancient texts available. You are commended for you labors and generosity.

  30. My apologies, I reviewed the Song of Solomon again Geneva with the Patriots Bible and can not say (as of now) that I see descrepencies… I’m not sure if I was using a different year or what, but I would like to retract the earlier comment .

  31. Thank you for what you are doing. I am doing a word by word comparison of the PCE and 1611 KJV. I want to post the data on my website, but it exceeds the 20 mb limit of WordPress. I uploaded to fph, but I could not get a link to work. How are you able to post the complete bibles? Thank you and thanks again for what you are doing.

  32. Blessings. I wonder if I can help find the exact edition of King James Bible since I have this incomplete and want annexing leaves missing and those that are damaged. I would send scanned leaves as beginning my Bible and internal sequence to make your search easier, so ask them to send me the email address to send.
    thank you very much in advance for your beautiful work. God continue to bless them

    • Hi,

      That could be an extremely long job that I would suggest you just use or KJV Bibles on this site and check pages. As since 1611 there have been so many publishers and “revisions” so it is a matter that could take months for me to search and maybe never get the answer.

      I suggest you start by year of publication and where it was published (e.g. London) on those starting sheets you have and then use our search to find dates.

    • HI,

      If you are the person that sent the email with the scans. From Such maybe the Red Letter KJV? In another scan you have Nelson Beecher Keyes name at the top. You can see on Google his works.

      Beyond such I cannot assist. You may try posting those images online and asking for assistance here and on other sites.

  33. In the 1611 KJV there is a letter that looks like an A with a curved left side. In modern copies the symbol is either and or &. What is the curved A called?

  34. Hello,
    My default time-tested PDF Reader is Foxit.
    Could you please change your rules to meet needs of the likes of mine?
    GOD bless,

    • Hi,

      We use the standard PDF embedding system that is used by websites around the world. Are you having a problem with the pop-up message or do PDF documents not display?

  35. I have been searching in vain for a 1382 Wycliffe complete bible to download.

    Can you help me?

    • Hi,

      We have tried at length and were unable to get such. However we were able to find a 1425 partial new Testament and an 1800’s version that claims to be an exact copy of the 1384/5 NT We have also got NT 1400 manuscript.

      Do you want these to be uploaded?

  36. Dear sir I need original tamil bible version…please help me

  37. Dear Sir/Ma’am.
    I am from India. I have got a very rare copy of Bible in a very good condition. Its Bible in Urdu but in Roman Script.
    I want to sale it. Is there any possibility? pls let me know

  38. Hello, first off, I’d like to thank you for hosting this site. I’m thankful that your passion has allowed myself and others access to various copies of manuscripts and such that would be difficult to find elsewhere. Also there’s something about certain images and text from these old books that speaks to me. I am most thankful for this site. I do however have a couple suggestions/thoughts. First, while I understand that bandwidth is not free, many would like to save an entire copy locally. Have you considered uploading and linking to a free file hosting service? The speeds are limited for free users, but it would allow you to provide download links, without using all your bandwidth. (Like the beautiful 1611 KJV does at 1,8Gb) Also, have you tried to see if there are volunteers who would be willing to work on an index to some of the texts? I would think there may be many willing to do such. Bottom line, I am very grateful for this site. Keep up the good works.

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