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We are often asked why are our Bibles are displayed 1 page at a time and thus it is hard to download many pages or complete Bibles/books.

The reason is that these Bibles and books are hundreds of MB in size and many are well over 1 GB. If we were to provide it as a full file it would take tens of minutes just for the reader to be able to view the first page.

Most readers would not wait such time for the first page to show and would assume there was a problem with the website and would go away.

For the above reason we do not provide Bibles in full for download at a time – however, in serious cases of need we could temporarily provide a Bible for download. A special request needs to be submitted using the comments form below.

As we are getting a lot of requests:

Please remember that storage and bandwidth does cost money. It also takes a considerable amount of time to manually upload an individual Bible for each request.

If you want to make a request you must list at least 5 Bible archive/library sites that you have already tried.

We do provide some Bibles on a permanent basis for download here:

KJV ERV WTT GNV TIS Full Bible Download

King James Bible 1611

King James Bible 1769

Geneva 1569

106 thoughts on “Download a Bible


    Want read the bible for my knowldge.

  2. We have lots of English and Hindi Bibles on this site for your to read online. You must have Adobe PDF to be able to read them or click on the button that says “NO PDF” to read the Bibles without Adobe PDF.

  3. samsonnalinkumar

    Nice I am happy ,for down loading the bible I want spend more time in reading bible ,thanks. 

  4. Could you please explain why it’s so complicated to download the Bible I need?Bible-Study is well worth a Time-Sacrifice, the internet tricks don’t.

  5. Hi,All answers to your questions are at the top of this page and in my earlier reply.We have gone through much expense and time to provide online Bibles to people around the world.We do not charge you for using this site nor do we have advertising. Have a good day.

  6. Nice

  7. Shalom,Please consider the following request for HOLY BIBLE translations, whatever possible, all PDF, originals:1535 Miles Coverdale1537 Thomas Matthew1540 The Great Bible1611 King James1924 Moffatt Translation1970 The Living BibleHolman Christian Standard1974 Good News BibleNew English BibleThank you,Igor  

  8. Hi Igor,

    The Bibles after 1923 we cannot add due to copyright reasons. Unless you can get those publishers to give us permission. However, there is some mention of the 1924 version that you request being corrupted due to verse rearrangements etc. If you would like this added please state reasons why you believe it not to be corrupt.

    The KJV 1611 is available for download above. We have now added the 1537 Matthew Bible that you mention.

    The Coverdale version is available for online viewing here. You mentioned in your post and you should be able to download that Bible there.Thanks for the post!

  9. We have received an offer of assistance from the below person. Please be advised that we have not verified the authenticity of this person, but we a happy that there is an offer of help. Please also be advised that many of the Bibles on this site are hundred of MBs in size and as such cannot just be emailed. Please post any feedback.

    To those requesting older bible versions: Please email me your information and I will try to get the versions that you would like printed off, put into a folder and mailed to you as soon as possible. I will look for them on other websites as well to be able to download the entire bibles. My email is

    • Manuel Junior Sanchez

      Could you please upload The William Tyndale Textus Receptus New Testament ?
      Shalom and GOD bless you !

  10. Hi, I’m French and researcher and translator, and I will need to download the version of Erasmus NT 1535 (Greek), and that of 1527 (Greek and Latin). I try to find them on Google Book, gallica.bnf,,, without success. Pouriez you allow me to download them. My Mail:
    thank you
    Translate by Google

  11. Hi,

    The Erasmus 1535 and 1527 have links at the top of this page.


  12. Hi, thank you for Erasmus 1527, but the Erasmus 1535 online is not Grec but a Latine version ?
    Would it be possible to have the version of Erasmus 1516, 1521 and 1535 Greek ?
    thank you

  13. Hi again.

    The 1535 version above is the one on the site.

    The Greek versions we should try to upload in the near future. Thanks.

  14. Hi Ezechias.

    We have uploaded the 1535 Greek Version for you. You can get it here:

    I hope this helps and as soon as possible we should get this and the other Bible translations uploaded to the main site and then as downloads for you.

  15. Hi,
    The 1516 Erasmus Greek Bible is available now for download and to view on the site.
    Download here:

    Hope it helps.

    • Dear Editor,

      I could not download from this link (for Erasmus’ 1516, 1535) as well as KJV 1611. Kindly share updated link for these. I’ll be very grateful.

      • KJV 1611 at the top of this page link works – it is about 1.7 GB so could take more than an hour to download.

        Erasmus 1516 we apologize – that we should reupload it so, check back in about 1-2 hours.

  16. Joy I. Michael

    We need old Hindi Bible

  17. Hi Joy!

    On this site there are many Hindi Bibles that are from the 1800s.

    Please select the Bible that you want to download and let us know.

    We also hope to add a few more in the near future.

  18. I would love a temporary download link to the Cambridge Authorized Version 1909 (Volumes 1 – 5) – William Aldis Wright (Pure Cambridge Edition)? I have looked far and wide for a digital copy of this work. Thanks.

  19. pleace post Tyndale’s New Testament 1525, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mattew 1537 ,

  20. Lalnunthara Royte

    Is there any antioch text bible?

  21. Lalnunthara Royte

    I*s there any Antioch Text Bible in this site?

  22. it is very nice and truthful and effective

  23. Would you please relist the 1535 Erasmus new testament. I tried the link and assume it is no longer available.

  24. I need the old version y mean now a days new translation of the bible so different from old edition so that only I am looking for old edition

  25. I want to download the original bible to display at hindi congregation..

  26. Hello! Thank you for your work !!! God bless you! I would like to know the difference between King James version 1611 and 1769?

  27. The 1611 KJ addition is missing numerous sections.

    • Hi,

      Can you be a bit more detailed… what exactly is missing?

      And which web page address are you referring to?

  28. Jonathan Emmanuel Wong Chung Yea

    Hi i would like to download Robert Young’s Literal Translation Of The Bible – First Edition 1863, all other websites only allows me to download the revised version such as,

  29. Many thanks for this work.
    Is it possible to request a download of your scanned copy of the 1850 Wycliffe Bible? I would very much like a scanned copy of this work.

  30. Stephen Chimezie

    i want to download Moffat translation bible PDF, Living Bible PDF and an 1850 of Wycliffe Bible PDF. I also need e-sword bible containing many bible versions. But I don’t know the sites to download these Bibles. Pls can you help me to send me these Bible’s in a folder. God bless you

  31. Hi,

    If you may, may you please allow me to download the “The Great Bible 1540” version of the Bible? I would quite appreciate you being willing and allowing me to do so.

    May you be well,

    Justin Pool

    • Hi,

      I commented a request pertaining to “The Great Bible 1540,” and I no longer am requesting you allow me to download the Bible, as I was able to locate a copy on Please forgive my original request, as I didn’t realize I should look at other options to learn if a digital copy was already available to me via other websites until after I posted the comment. Thank you for your time.

      May you be well,

      Justin Pool

  32. Hi,

    Actually, may you please allow me to download “The Great Bible 1540”? I attempted to on, and was unable to: all the versions the website allows for download failed to appear upon my clicking on the link, and allowed not me to download.

    • Hi,

      The download link is at the bottom of the page that has The Great Bible of 1540 on THIS website. Please see top right for the Bible’s page on this site or use the search service.

  33. Why does your KJV 1769 end in the Book of Jeremiah? I need the New Testament in the 1769 edition especially please.

    • Hi,

      The rest of the Bible has not been scanned to the best of my knowledge by anyone. It is in the New York State Public library.

  34. eleodimuo jude

    In need for more understanding and for effective work on earth

  35. Brian Schellenberger

    Or is there another link to download The Bishop’s Bible 1568 like ?

  36. Hello,

    Would appreciate the Moffat Old Testament. For some reason only the New Testament is available online.


  37. Hi,

    Yes even we have found it hard to find the old testament. Try looking under dates contained here:,_New_Translation

    We did see a lot of paper versions for sale.

  38. G.Chandra sekaran

    Thank God for gave his word for me and the world.

  39. The 1611 kjv not downloading.

    • Hi,

      I have just clicked on the link and the download starts. It is 1.6 GB in size and on a slow internet connection this could take a number of hours to download.

  40. Hello. Would you please provide a link to download the entire Matthew’s Bible 1537? Thank you! :)

  41. I am trying to find a copy (pdf scan or facsimile) of several old Bibles and was wondering if anybody might either have some or know where I could find them.
    Tepl Bible – an old German Bible that was connected with the Waldensians and used by Martin Luther when he made his translation. It was named after the town of Tepl in Bohemia.
    The Romaunt Bible – Used by the Waldensians, it was translated into their Romaunt language from the old Itala Bible which was their old Latin which predated Jerome’s Vulgate (it was known to be in existence by 157 AD). I found a book that has the Gospel of John from the Romaunt, but not the whole Bible. The Itala Bible was used by not just the Waldensians, but also Patrick in Ireland, and Columba in Scotland, and some references I’ve seen say that the King James Translators also had the Itala Bible in their possession when they translated the KJV.
    I am especially interested in the Waldensian heritage and their Bibles. I have found numerous references to these Bibles I just mentioned, in old history books, but it appears that someone is trying to hide them, as I have not been able to locate any. I even contacted the Waldensian Cultural Center. I thought surely they would know how I could find a copy – but they didn’t even return my e-mail.
    If you might know where I could find any of these Bibles, I would be greatly appreciative for any helpful info you could provide.
    Thank You.
    God Bless.

  42. Christopher McCarthy

    Thank you for this valuable resource. You have helped me greatly to research something that I had heard very recently. May The Lord bless you and all here as you continue to help those of us searching for truth.

  43. Reading bible wards in out said

  44. Reading bible any were outside any time

  45. Hi i am wondering if a downloadable version of the KJV 1611 bible can be set up for download. I am legally blind and i have to continiously enlarge each page, as it only opens one page at a time via pdf. For each page i open in PDF, i have to magnify through accessibility features on my computer and it is very tedious and hard on my only eye and for thisreason i am sincerely asking if you could set it up so that i could download a copy of this bible or if you could send a link to my email so that i can click on it and download from that point would be so helpful and wonderful to me. Thank you for your time and for listening and caring.

  46. Is it possible to get a download for the Erasmus 1522, looks like you have it in two parts, I would like to request them both.

    Thank you so much,


  47. Also is it possible to get the Genevea 1557 New Testament?

    Thanks again for all the help,


  48. Oh Sorry and the Geneva 1560 as well! Sorry again.


  49. Is it possible to get the 1519 Erasmus NT both volumes? Thanks!

  50. I see that the copy of the original KJB1769.pdf is incomplete (only going as far as the end of Jeremiah). It would be nice to find a complete edition, or make a note that it is incomplete.

  51. hi there
    i am looking for the original 1611 king james from hebrew to english old and new
    testament no greek translations only hebrew to english if the is someone to help


  52. I am interested to download the 1611 KJV Bible. I was unable to download from the link provided above. Would like to know if I have clicked on the correct download link.

  53. I am a student at united theological college in the first year doing both ministerial and religious studies. so, I want to have a bible in order for using it in the studies and also to read it throughout my life.

  54. can you also sent to me a multi- version bible for me to have through understanding of the bible

  55. do you have a shepherd’s staff book? if so, can you please sent it to me?

  56. I need the download for the 1884 Septuagint Volume 1 English translation from Greek please.

  57. May I please have the 1527 & 1535 Erasmus text that you have in full pdf? I would appreciate it. I am doing much textual research and can’t find anywhere with these on pdf except here. It would be best for me to just have the full pdfs. Thank you. Do you have any of Beza’s other than the 1598? I have the 1565 but I’d like to get a hold of any other editions. Also, do you happen to have any of Stephen’s texts besides the 1550? How about the Elzivir brothers, any of those editions? Can I also get the 1915 Murdock translation of the Peshitta, and the 1893 Syriac Bible? Thank you.

    • Hi,

      I think all Erasmus links are above – some in comments.

      You have a 1565 Bezza can you provide a download link for that?

      You ask for interesting Bibles, but if not on the website we do not have such. If we do have please provide the page address. If we do not have and you find such… again please provide download link so would can provide to the world.

      • Oh, I should’ve checked that earlier about the Erasmus copies–found the link above for the 1535, but, there is no link to a downloadable copy of the 1527. If you have it at a downloadable link, would you please relist it, or send me the link? Thanks. Here’s the link with a downloadable copy of Beza1565: . The 1915 Murdock of the Peshitta and the 1893 Syriac are ones you have on your website–I was only trying to be able to get downloadable links for those if I may. Thanks.

  58. Can you place a complete PDF of King James Bible – Oxford 1778 PDF


  59. We have two references for 1915. Which page on our site – link please.

    The Erasmus 1527 is here:

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  61. I want the Original Hebrew Bible Translated in English Bible. Please I need it. thank you very much.

    • Most of the English Bibles are translated from the Hebrew. If you look at the Link top right for JPS 1917 that should help.

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