Evidence and Authority of Divine Revelation 1839 PDF Volume 1 and 2

The Evidence and Authority of Divine Revelation 1839 PDF Volume 1 and 2

This book is by Robert Haldane Esq. This book’s purpose is:
Many have be­lieved the Bible to come from God, who have remained strangers to the saving and sanctifying­ influences of the Gospel which it declares. They have acknowledged the beauty and the excellence of the book itself, but have forgotten the pearl of great price that it contains. It has therefore been his study not merely to silence and refute the cavils of the sceptic and the infidel, but to strengthen the faith of the true believer; not to illustrate the Evidences of Christianity in the
abstract, but to hold them forth as inseparably
associated with its doctrines, and to vindicate, not the authenticity only, but the full inspiration and m1speakable value of the Holy Scriptures.

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