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51 thoughts on “Tablet/Mobile (no Adobe PDF) View

  1. Am very interest 2 study bible

  2. I am interested in the pure original 1611 King James Version

    • the KJV is neither pure nor original. the books of the Bible were originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek! the English language did not even exist back then!

  3. Where can I buy an original English print bible

  4. Where can I purchase a copy of the Bible printed before 1611. Which I have a copy of the 1611.

  5. We do not sell Bibles here. Also, we do not feel confident enough regarding the authenticity of any retailer so, we cannot recommend any shops – sorry.

  6. Page 125 is not loading properly

  7. Can you tell us what Bible has the error?

  8. Pages 29 and 30 (47 and 48 according to an ebook reader) share a hole in the paper that obscure the words. However, it seems that while it’s not as complete the earlier version of the book at has an exact copy of this page. Somebody should probably make a hybred E-book.

    • The illustrated Bible Treasury on this site does not have any holes.

      • It is hard to see on page 29 (page 47 according to an e-book reader) if your not trying to read over it, I even missed it myself until I looked the third time. (It’s in the section titled THE VULGATE, it’s the last one on the page, and it’s probably best to check the lines starting from the bottom on up.)

        The hole is much more obvious on page 30 (page 48 according to an e-book reader).

  9. Aassielavendan.

    I want to read more

  10. Joan Racquel Morrison

    I desire to read the Bible.

  11. Looking forward to begin reading, praying, seeking, getting understanding and learn and experience my Creator, Lord of Lord, King of Kings, Saviour, Shepherd, Redeemer, and The Holy Ghost God.

  12. Thank You so much,May GOD Bless You All there!

  13. Thank you for this resource. Is there a way for me to download the entire Wycliffite Bible as a PDF / PDFs, instead of having a PDF for each page individually?

  14. Looking forward to begin reading, praying, seeking, getting understanding and learn and experience my Creator, Lord of Lord, King of Kings, Saviour, Shepherd, Redeemer, and The Holy Ghost God.

  15. Please can you tell me what page matthew 9:17 is on thank you

  16. I would like to download

  17. This is very pleasant to find my beloved Gesenius lexicon in here available to my phone. Very Well Done!

  18. HalleluYah! On the day of Pentecost, God spoke to people of every nation through their own language. God could how ever had spoken to them in Hebrew/Greek/Aramic. But He choose to speak to them in their own tongue. Toady the Bible had and is being translated to all the languages of the World. Praise be to God!

  19. So this is when the deception begun? The people were made to look like europeans, the name Yahweh was replaced by “God” ….I would like too see the original manuscripts.

  20. Please I desire very strongly to have the original hebrew bible. How do I get one? It’s urgent. God be with us. Amen

    • Hi,

      We don not sell Bibles – but I am sure you should be able to get a Hebrew Bible from the Jewish Publication Society.

  21. some pages are repeated Ex. page nos 27,28,29 are same etc. I searched total PDF and deleted repeated pages & finally I have 312 pages out of 320 pages. Please check.

  22. Telugu New Testament 1860.

  23. I would love to be able to read this original version of the bible to better educate my self and others

  24. Evalistu Mwatota

    Thank you

  25. Thank You
    I’m grateful

  26. Herbert Goliday

    Love to read orginal version.

  27. Would love a copy please.

  28. looking for info for ss class

  29. ss study

  30. church study

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