Variorum Bible – Authorised Version And Reference 1888 PDF

The Variorum Bible – Variorum Bible or the Authorised
Version edited with Various Renderings and Readings from the best Authorities, 1876 PDF.

This Bible is thanks to the efforts of: Rev. T. K. Cheyney, M.A., D.D., Rev. S. R. DRIVER, D.D., Rev. R. L. CLARKE, M.A., ALFRED GOODWIN MA, Rev. W. SANDAY, M.A., D.D., LL D

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Index of the Bible (please forgive any unreadable bits – this index is computer generated from ancient texts):

This Volume combines tlie Reference Bible with the \’\’•Variorum Bible or the Authorised
Version edited with Various Renderings and Readings from the best Authorities, 1876.\”
In the Variorum foot-notes, which distinguish this edition from other Reference Bibles,
the method of the notes in the margin has been extended until a digest of the best
accredited Various Readings and Renderings of the Texts, or, in other words, a consjiectus
of the really tenable opinions upon diflBcult or imperfectly translated passages in the
Authorised Version—whether due to the incorrectness of the Hebrew or Greek Text used,
or to inaccurate translation of a text correct in itself—is laid before the English reader.
The Authorised Version and the chief materials for its revision are thus presented at
one view, and while comparison is thus made easy, the degree of authorit;/ attaching to
each of the selected Various Readings and Renderings is discriminated and (except
where a general consent can be alleged) authenticated by the names of the authorities
by which it is supported. So that even if compared with the \”Westminster Revision, which
work it will be found to have largely anticipated, the Variorum Bible is of general and
permanent use : for while that Revision gives results only, this work indicates the places
of the Authorised Version in which the important changes are to be found, gives briefly
and concisely the authority for the changes adopted, and calls attention to the balance of
opinion upon disputed points.
To the general reader, the Variorum notes will often render otiier note or comment
needless, and suggest the full meaning of a familiar jjassage.
To the clergyman, the teacher, and even the private student, who frequently cannot
consult an elaborate commentary, this summary of the results of an extensive literature
will shew at a glance the passages about which no question arises, and an outhne of the
authorities that support each construction of the passages which are capable of different
The professed student will find his attention called to the lesser or greater deviations
from accuracy, while he is provided with a carefully sifted digest of opinions, and, particularly
in the Old Testament, with a more convenient and complete selection of critical
data and authorities than is elsewhere accessible.

Boolts of ti)t ©Ilr antr ileb) Ctstament,
f;^e < ^lb \'^csiamcnt CHAPS. First Book of Moses, called CxENESIS . . 50 Second . - - - Exodus ... 40 Third ... - Leviticus . . 27 Fourth .... Numbers . . 36 Fifth .... Deuteronomy 34 Book of Joshua 24 Judges 21 EUTH 4 First Book of Samuel 31 Second Book of Samuel 24 First Book of the Kings 22 Second Book of the Kings 25 First Book of the Chronicles 29 Second Book of the Chronicles .... 36 Ezra 10 Book of Nehemiah 13 E.sther 10 Job 42 Psalms 150 Proverbs 31 . PACE 1 59 108 144 193 2.34 261 290 294 332 364 401 436 469 509 520 536 545 583 ! 675 CHAPS, Ecclesiastes, or the Preacher 12 . . Song of Solomon 8 Book of the Prophet Isaiah ..... 66 Jeremiah .... 52 Lamentations of Jeremiah 5 Book of the Prophet Ezekiel 48 Book of Daniel 12 HOSEA 14 Joel 3 Amos ,9 Obadiah 1 Jonah < 4 MiCAH 7 NAHUM ;\' 3 HabakkukJ 3 Zephaniah < 3 Haggai 2 Zechariak ^ 14 Malachi 4 PAOP. 707 717 722 781 845 852 913 930 939 942 948 950 952 957 959 962 965 966 977 f;i)c Yiew CHAPS. CosPEL according to St. Matthew ... 28 St. Mark 16 St. Luke 24 St. John 21 Acts of tlie Apostles 28 Epistle to the Romans 16 First Epi.stle to the Corinthians ... 16 Second Epistle to the Corinthians . .13 Epistle to the Galatians 6 - Ephesians 6 - Philtppians 4 - colosstans 4 First Epistle to the Thessalonians . . 5 Second Epistle to the Thessalonians . 3 PAGE 1 41 67 111 142 183 201 218 230 236 243 248 253 I 257 §esfamenf. CHAPS. First Epistle to Timothy 6 Second Epistle to Timothy ..... 4 Epistle to Titus 3 Philemon 1 the Hebrews 13 Epistle of James 5 First Epistle of Peter 5 Second Epistle of Peter 3 First Epistle of John 5 Second Epistle of John 1 Third Epistle of John 1 Epistle of Jude 1 Revelation of St. John the Divine . . 22 PAGE 259 264 268 270 271 2S6 291 297 ::oo 305 306 307 308